Erin Primrose
Erin Primrose

Adventures of Gray Skies and City Lights

It’s not often that you meet someone with the grit to move to another city sight-unseen, but for Rob it is his way of experiencing life’s best adventures.  I must admit I felt a fair amount of responsibility to not only sell him a great home, but to help him discover a true affection for his soon-to-be city. After video tours from afar, electronic signatures, emails, and phone chats I met Rob and his friend John for the first time in person day of closing.

We started with a quick tour of his soon-to-be 5th floor Pearl District condo, followed by a brief (and cold) walking tour of the restaurants and shops that await him just outside his building. It was important for him to see the lifestyle he would be gaining here, as he is not only moving from warm and sunny Florida, but will also be facing a substantial downsize.  During our time together, there were several mentions of “Portland’s resemblance to Baltimore”, and rumors of a homeless epidemic so I felt a great deal of responsibility to decipher between the expressions of “taking it all in” and “oh shit, what am I doing?”.  In the end, I asked how he was feeling, bracing myself for the dreaded acknowledgement that this may too much too fast, yet his reply was “great, let’s do this” and away to the title company we went.

After signing on the dotted line a few times, and while waiting for the deed to record we went on a driving tour of the four quadrants of the city so that Rob and John could have points of reference throughout their solo exploration. We celebrated new beginnings over dinner at VQ, and an Uber ride back to take in the view at night which was a lovely end to a day of real estate escapades.  Congratulations Rob – your Portland adventure awaits!


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