Erin Primrose
Erin Primrose

“I didn’t come here to buy a house!”

photoFirst week of January I was looped into an e-mail chain by a client who was kind enough to refer me that read:

“Erin, my sister’s (Beth) friends’s (Carrie) friend ( dont know here name) is looking to buy in Portland.  Thought I’d put you guys in touch.
Carrie – Erin is a realtor I have been working with and she is great. She also helped some of my other friends find a great home.”

Amy and Justin along with their kiddos were being relocated to Portland for Justin’s job beginning in May.  As she had never been to Portland, Amy and her friend Carrie planned a girl’s-only exploratory mission to see where they would like to end up when it came time to make the move.

Working with out of town buyers is super fun for me as I get to share with them the sights, scenes, and neighborhoods that make me fall in love with our city over and over again.  I call these types of tours “exploration missions”, where we are not looking to identify a house but a community to find a home within.  Our January 15th tour started with a meeting at my office to talk about the expectations of our time together. That day, we toured eight homes in eight different neighborhoods that met specific criteria of Amy being able to safely set her kids free on their bikes.  One by one, from Arbor Lodge to Beaumont-Wilshire to Sellwood I began to learn more about what they were looking for. I believe it was the fifth stop on our tour that led us to a home in Eastmoreland that had been on the market off and on for quite a while. The home had originally been a quaint 3 bedroom, 2 bath home that was massively expanded and “remodeled” with slightly less than favorable taste cosmetically.  After a fair amount of time brainstorming ways to improve upon the former owner’s doings, it became clear that this home was a great opportunity for them to buy into a neighborhood that they may have otherwise been priced out of with homes this size selling for upwards of 1.2 million dollars.

After three more homes, we found ourselves in Multnomah Village at one of my favorite spots Journey’s Wine Bar to chat about the take-aways of the day. It was clear that there was much love for the Eastmoreland home and neighborhood, followed by “I didn’t come here to BUY a house!”, “My husband is going to kill me!”, “I really want that house!”. And so it goes, after many conversations between Amy and Justin, a couple more tours during their visit, and a lot of hazing from me to make sure they felt good about their decision, we gave it a go.  Our less-than-asking offer with an extended escrow period was entertained.  Moving forward became more exciting knowing that there would be time to make updates before Justing started work.

I am thrilled for the opportunity to get to know this family, and cannot wait to see the beauty restored to this lovely and solid home in one of Portland’s most prestigious neighborhoods. I am so very thankful to have the chance to work with some amazing people, especially my clients who continue to send those looking to buy or sell in my direction. Welcome to Portland Amy, Justin and Family!

I would love to be a part of  your next move.

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