Erin Primrose
Erin Primrose

Morimoto + A Booty Tattoo = Success for Jon & Ariel!

“When it’s meant to be, it will be.” A simple, yet overused saying that Ariel was clear in her disdain for, which for obvious reasons inspired me to use it endlessly during Jon and Ariel’s search for a home.  We met at an open house at one of my listings in Arbor Lodge, and had an instant connection even though they had an agent. Little did I know they had taken a card and a few days later I received a call from Ariel asking if I would work with them. Hells yeah I would, but first they would need to level with their agent that they were parting ways.  From there, we set out on our voyage to find their home and I must say although the transactional part was grueling at times, working with these two was an absolute blast!

After several attempts of submitting offers in 3 of the 4 quadrants of the city, we got an offer accepted only to have it fall apart due to lack of seller motivation (and basically the entire envelope of the home needing replacement). We gave it our all during an inspection period that was extended twice and was nearly as painful as childbirth. In the end it didn’t come together and with Jon and Ariel needing to be out of their existing home in 30-ish days, it felt a bit daunting. A couple of days later, we set out on what was supposed to be our last “go” before they committed to finding a suitable rental and there it was – A gorgeous craftsman bordering the North Tabor and Montavilla neighborhoods. It provided the old Portland charm they were looking for, walking distance to amenities (and a plaid pantry which is Jon’s favorite place to buy beer), and captivated them like no other home we had seen. They seriously had stars in their eyes, and while driving away Jon said “You guys, if we get this house, I will seriously get a tattoo of it on my ass!” I knew the other agent who was super cool, and the seller had to be as well judging by the Rogue Morimoto picture framed in his kitchen.  The pressure was on for me to make this happen and there was another offer on the table. We went in strong yet sensible with our offer, and I playfully mentioned Jon’s gamble saying I would put it in an addendum to make it binding if it makes a difference. It took 4 days to hear back, and needless to say there were many Morimoto’s consumed by all. In the end, our “creativity” and sincere connection to the other side of the transaction got them the house! Well played team, well played.

Jon and Ariel taught be so much about the kind of experience I seek in my career, and for that I am truly thankful. Like any good relationship we worked together as a team, came back stronger when faced with challenge, laughed a TON, drank more than we should have, and most importantly trusted the process and one another.

Going forward, I may slightly alter my new favorite annoying saying to “You may end up right where you belong”, which they certainly did.  My money is on Jon, Ariel, and the “Ibby’s” being happy for many years together in their new home!

Here’s their take:

“Erin helped us find find our dream home in the summer of 2015, during what I refer to as the “summer of the Portland house hunt battle.” Being both first time home buyers and new to the Portland area, we required a lot of hand holding from start to finish. Erin was so patient while educating us through the many steps of purchasing a home and shared her vast knowledge of the Portland neighborhoods and the best kept secrets of each Portland pocket. She listened, truly understood exactly what we were looking for in a home and was extremely proactive in sending us listing suggestions and new approach strategies to our hunt. After submitting multiple offers, she kept us motivated and on track to closing on a home that had everything that we had been wanting – and in less than 30 days! Erin was an absolute pleasure to work with and we strongly recommend her to anyone looking for success in finding a home while sharing a few (many!) great laughs.” J&A

I would love to be a part of  your next move.

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